ANROX CARS hereinafter LENDER, rents vehicles under the conditions specified by these Regulations and agreement.

LESSEE - a person who has less than 21 and not over 75 years holding a driving license for at least 2 years.

  1. The duties of the LESSEE shall in particular:
    1. At the time of use by each tenant or the person driving the vehicle shall in particular:
      1. carry important documents, as required by traffic control (valid and recognized in Poland driving license, vehicle registration, OC policy, the certificate of rent a car, a medical certificate, if required)
      2. Securing the car against theft (by each closing of the car and the powering of all the anti-theft devices, a thorough security outside the vehicle documents and keys,
      3. Doing on their own expense and efforts of usuall car check (checking and replenishment of windscreen washer fluid, check tire pressure and condition of the tires, of signal lights, beam and main beam
      4. Use of car fuel type according to the specifications of the engine, as specified in the registration and the technical documentation of the vehicle,
      5. Maintain a proper car clean.
    2. Return the vehicle within the period specified in the agreement, technically smooth, undamaged, with proof of registration, clean and with the same amount of fuel as before renting.
    3. Prohibition of smoking in a rented car. In case of violation of this prohibition will be required to pay the tenant a penalty of up to 3000 PLN.
    4. Return the vehicle within the period specified in the contract. In the case of returning the vehicle up to 1 hour after the deadline - no fee, half the rate of 2-6 hours daily, over 6 hours - crediting rates for the next day commenced.
    5. In the case of damage to his car, preventing independent movement LESSEE is obliged to immediately contact the owner. Whenever there was a traffic accident or any event LESSEE is obliged to call the Police.
    6. If the car was stolen or damaged due to burglary, LESSEE shall immediately report that to the LENDER and call the Police.
    7. Rented vehicle must not be used to participate in sports-racing and driving-lessons.
    8. LESSEE shall bear full responsibility for the condition of the vehicle from the date of issuance until the time of returning to LENDER, in particular, covers the costs incurred as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or the use of psychotropic drugs and / or without a valid license, as well as compliance of breaking the highway code.
    9. The vehicle cannot leave the area of Poland without the written consent of LENDER under pain of nullity and in case of failure LESSEE is obliged to deliver the vehicle to the location of LENDER at its own cost.
    10. TENANTS must not sublease the vehicle to a third party, give the vehicle a free to use or use in another form.
    11. If the LESSEE is not a direct user, you may leave the vehicle in use only by persons specified in the contract as a driver.
  2. If the LESSEE will bring back the vehicle before the date specified in the contract, the LENDER shall not be required to repay the difference fee (rent) for the unused time is not specified in the rental agreement.
  3. If the car is rented at the airport is charged a one-off fee as specified in the pricelist.
  4. LENDER LESSEE shall pay a deposit as security for any costs (damage) caused by RENTER.
  5. Regardless of the contractual penalties mentioned in the preceding sections of the Rules LENDER shall be entitled to count contractual penalties in case of:
    • theft of the vehicle when it occurred in a situation of non-compliance by the RENTER obligations referred to in paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Rules-for the amount of deposit
    • Do not return the keys and vehicle documents - of the value of the keys or values of documents
    • No registration plate or registration sticker on the windshield - 200 zł
    • Do not return the car-alarm-remote - 200 zł
    • No original wheel cover- 80 zł
    • No radio panel - 1000 zł
    • Completion of the missing fuel / of gas station price list + 50% of the value of the fuel indicated on the invoice
    • Lack of vehicle equipment not listed above, the amount specified in the manufacturer's price list + margin of 50% of the value stated on the invoice
    • Loss of warranty on the car due to causes independent of the LENDER - 30000 zł
    • Towing other vehicles with rented car - 1000 zł
    • The provision of car to an unauthorized person to drive - 250 zł
    • Illegal movement of the car outside the Polish Republic - 1000 zł
    • Administrative charges for the loss cleared the weight of the policy AutoCasco - 820 zł
    • Return the vehicle in a place away from the location of the LENDER by not more than 150 km - 500 zł
    • Return the vehicle in a place away from the location of the LENDER over 150 km - 1000 zł
    • Damage to the vehicle - a total loss of deposit;
  6. Regardless of the contractual penalties provided for in the Regulations, the RENTER is obliged to pay an amount representing the value of lost earnings which are the product of LENDER for days needed for the restoration of lost things and the daily rental rate of the vehicle.
  7. All penalties and amounts representing expenses incurred compensation / damages the owner has the right to deduct from the deposit.
  8. Clearance deposit the following:
    • For not finding any gaps / defects / faults, resulting in a deduction from the deposit by LENDER, at the date of signature of the protocol-delivery and reception
    • In other cases, the total settlement amounts to be deducted from the deposit.
  9. If the bringing back of the car to the previous condition needs repair, or requires additional resources, that empowers LENDER to recover the incurred costs, including lost profit. These obligations may be deducted from the deposit, if it is sufficient and still outstanding.
  10. Regardless of the contractual penalties and payment of compensation by the Insurer for the benefit of the LENDER, LENDER shall have the right to claim compensation on general principles, in respect of damage suffered, in particular those that arose because of failure to comply with the duties of the RENTER.
  11. Prices are in PLN, the amounts do not include VAT of 22%. Foreign currency exchange rate converted by the sale of the NBP.
  12. In matters not regulated by these Regulations and the provisions of the contract of the Civil Code.